Have you ever felt that you were right where you were supposed to be? Today I had that experience.

I left for lunch, and traffic was bad. As I was waiting for a long light, I noticed an older gentleman, maybe in his mid 70’s trying to get across 6 lanes of traffic in the crosswalk. He was walking with 2 canes, one the type that wraps around your upper arm, wearing a small backpack and appeared to be trying to get to the bus  on the opposite side of the street.

He would take several painful steps, then wave the short cane trying to get the bus drivers attention. Then he would take several more steps and repeat the process across all 6 lanes of traffic.

The bus driver must have saw him I thought, as the bus sat unmoving; that is until the gentleman made it to the curb. Then, without fanfare, it drove away.

I could see the gentleman give a heavy sigh, and started towards the bus bench.

The area of Phoenix I was in is close to the Veterans Hospital, and this young fella looked like he had spent some time in the military. I knew I needed to see if he could use a ride. Thinking I would have to go through this light and around the block, I suddenly noticed a break had appeared in traffic. I was sure we were bumper to bumper just a moment ago, never the less, here was an opening. Making a U-turn across 5 lanes of traffic I rolled down the window and asked if I could give him a ride.

Bob said yes.

It took several minutes for him to get up into the pickup I was driving, but it was worth every minute. He offered his hand, let me know his name was Bob, and he really appreciated the ride.

Bob is a Vietnam vet, and spent his service in the Air Force I found out. Currently he was headed to the VA for an appointment for his prostate cancer. He needed to get that taken care of so he can get his hip replaced.

Suddenly my trials and troubles of life, were of no consequence. I spoke little, but listened to him as we drove the 2 miles to the hospital. He asked to be dropped off at the corner and he could make it across the street to the hospital. Yes across those same 6 lanes that he crosses twice each trip.

Instead I asked him to give me the directions, and he guided me into the complex and I dropped him off at the front door. We shook hands, a firm handshake, and I wished him the best with both the challenges he was facing. He climbed down, and with a wave he went inside.

Lately I have been questioning my self worth. What do I really have to show?  How have I contributed positively to the world. What has my 49 years been spent on. The last couple of weeks have been rough, with those thoughts dragging further me down the rabbit hole if you will.

What is my purpose? Did I fulfill it? Is it still coming? Worse yet, did I miss it. When I came to the fork in the road, by choosing right, did I miss where I was supposed to go?

Today, for 10 minutes, was I where Bob needed me?


Today for 10 minutes, Bob was right where I needed him to be.

Bob, we didn’t exchange last names, and I am pretty sure this will never get to you. Thank you. Sincerely, thank you, for showing me that maybe its not the large great plans we have for ourselves that matter. Instead, maybe its just the little things.

I hope you were able to get good news today and they will get that hip replaced. I hope the pain you have been dealing with goes away, and you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

I grabbed a quick lunch and as I was walking back to the truck, I had a beautiful butterfly fly alongside me for a bit. I felt peace then, not sure why, but it was magical none the less.