Are you an eye person? I am. When I speak to someone or they are talking to me, I maintain eye contact. “The eyes are windows to the soul” was once said, and I believe it.

Over that last couple of weeks I have met several new people. Some old, some young, and some around my age. What I noticed in each case was their eyes. How bright and vibrant they were, no matter the age or the color. Do eyes age? Not around the eyes, where we earn our wrinkles, but the iris. My grandfather was 100 the last time I saw him, but his eyes were bright and full of life, as any time I had seen them.

Some people hide their eyes. Either they advert them, looking away, or they  wall them up behind sunglasses. I am suspicious of these people, as I always feel they are hiding something. Something they must assume someone could figure out, just by their eyes.

Then there are those who return the look. Sharing their current mood of happiness, sadness, understanding or questioning. I can remember looking at someone and their eyes searching mine for………. for what? To see if I really could peer into their soul? To see if I knew the secret they had kept hidden? Were they looking into my soul, to see what I was feeling? What I was hiding? Was I being truthful, fearful, loving, angry or just a blank stare, where the lights are on, but no one is home. During these exchanges, once of us would eventually ask, “what?”

The implication is that something was  seen. Again, it may have been nothing, but their eyes  told  me, it was something.

There is more that is  exchanged when two  people, communicate, eyes to eye.  It is as if they increase the level of understanding, for good or bad.

Are you an eye person? Do you seek for understanding in another’s eyes? Or do you hide yours away? Protecting  more then just your vision, behind the dark lenses.