She stands in the river of time. As if the universe has captured her in this single moment. She feels time pulling her along. The water and silt flowing over her bare feet as she puzzles the great mysteries of life.

She is not alone here.

Her shadow, her past, solid, ever present, is before her. It stretches across time to solid land. It is all she has been. All she has endured. All she has experienced. Joy and love, pain and loss. They are all part of her. She cannot escape her past, nor should she. All parts together make her. Take away any, and it changes who she is.

There is another here.

Her reflection on the water ripples with life, a living thing. It is almost translucent. It is her future. Unlike the solid shadow of her past, her future is always in flux. It does not control her, nor is she trapped by it. It will be as it will be, is her mantra. The only thing in common with the shadow, is she always has her future with her as well.

She is V3