Have you ever wondered about the people behind the stories? What were they really like? What drove and inspired them? Lately those questions have been coming into my mind. History is available for writers of our time, and possibly going back two hundred years. Autobiographies, biographies, antidotal writings, all tell a piece of who the writer was.  Can we find out what inspired and drove them? Is that needed to understand the context of their work? Or, is the work a stand alone item?

Recent events in my life have led to an over load of emotional energy. This energy had built to a level that I felt I would explode. In the past, I would release this energy through self destructing activities. Those would bleed off the negative energy, but the resulting mental and emotional vacuum, and dealing with any repercussions, could lead to a downward spiral.  I am sure that is a normal course of events for many people. How the energy gets dispersed may hold the key to some of the creations that astound us even today.

I found that while I was contemplating how to deal with it, (the realization that just contemplating was bleeding off some of the energy), I noticed that thought and writing ideas began to flow. Is it possible, that negative as well as positive energy, weather emotional, or mental, could be harnessed to create a work that is worthy?  I believe so.

A Journey to another country may have actual begun the Journey of self discovery.

As with all Journeys, we start with the first step………