The moon shone brightly over the barren landscape. Nothing moved in that cool stillness. You would have missed him, sitting there, staring off into space. The only sound  coming from his breathing, and the ticking of engine cooling off behind him. Funny to think that one could miss a bright pink barracuda named Jolene, especially in all the moonlight. Tonight though Jolene seemed to fade into the scenery like her owner. His mood was dark and black tonight, his thoughts barren like the deep reaches of space he pondered.

They had run hard and fast tonight, two entities working as one, a man and his machine. But Jolene was more than that. She was alive, and a big part of his soul, and she knew it. She liked nights like tonight, although the mood was something she wished she could change.

They had been partners for over 32 years, and if anything, she was winning the battle of age. Sure she had some nicks and scars here and there, but his scars were deeper. Lately the scars he had been gathering were mental and emotional, unseen but just as painful  That is what brought him out tonight. She knew the moment he arrived to pull her out, something had him troubled. He fired her up and headed out, only stopping for fuel. He ran her hard, and fast, and she responded. Usually he would get to 100, or even 120, then he would be in the zone. His pulse would slow, his mind, concentrating, feeling the road, feeling her respond to his request with raw power. His mind would clear and they would return at a normal pace. However, Tonight 120 came and went quickly, and still the needles climbed. She loved to race and run, but as the needle crossed 135, she realized he was not right. 140, 145mph the needle almost pegging. Her heart screamed, the tach read 8000 rpm and climbing, the wind wiping by the car. Suddenly they were at 150, the needle up against the stop, surely this would calm him. But he wasn’t himself tonight. mile after mile they ran, her engine screaming, flying down the deserted highway. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, his right foot lifted slowly and brought her back down to the speed limit.

Tonight he didn’t find his peace, but he knew he could only run her for so  long. Eventually he pulled off the highway and down a side road to where they sat now. He sat there, quietly, leaning up against her. He was tired. Physically yes, but more than that. His soul was tired. Slowly he stood up. His  body creaking like an old staircase as he came to his full height. He should head back, but he was just to drained. He sat up on her hood, then slid back. Her twin hood scoops cradled him gently as he leaned back against the windshield. In a moment he was asleep.




He Dreamed. Tonight they were not of butterflies and unicorns, though they seldom were. His breathing came rushed and ragged, his body shaking, he seemed to be engaged in struggle. Indeed. Tonight he wrestled with demons. His own.