Let there be light, unless the bulbs are burned out. This happened to the light fixture in my girls room yesterday. Not a big deal usually, right? Unless this beautiful 2 piece frosted glass fixture has the 2 t9 circular fluorescent bulbs in it. Then you have 2 bulbs, each about $10 plus a ballast, another $20, that may or may not work.

Not wanting to spend 20-40 dollars on this fixture, especially since I have been converting to L.E.D bulbs everywhere else,  I needed a new idea. I ended up taking the fixture down and tossing the old fluorescent parts. Then I wired in 2 socket pigtails ($3.27 each from Home Depot Model # R60-00055-000) through the fixture and into the house power. Once there, it was easy to screw in 2 L.E.D. Bulbs. Using the 40 watt equivalent bulbs that costco was selling for 3 for $10.  

Replaced the covers and there you have it. More light, less energy, and maintenance friendly.

So if you have a favorite light fixture, that currently runs on fluorescent tubes, or rings, consider changing the sockets out for some L.E.D bulbs. Most use only 10% of the power of Fluorescent.