I have always been an avid reader, yet shunned writing. So, it is with some amazement, that I have started writing a book. Crazy, I know. It will be my story about a guy that puts himself in impossible situations, and finds way to survive them.  My friends from high-school and on know I used to consider myself the schlep-rock of my time. Always having the worst luck. But, when looking at event in its entirety, one with see that I have some of the most amazing luck, more that I deserve one could argue.

This book, by the way, is not to condone my personal exploits, but rather serve as warning to others. So back to titles for my book, choices I’m considering, and feel free to throw in your thoughts:

He took a big gulp, to a knife fight,  and won. (Cheesy, but true story, you will have to read the book)

The knight in tarnished, dented armor.  ( I like this one, yet may need some rewording.)

Just at the thought gathering stage, but a good use of my time. Idle minds have time to conceive bad ideas, that the body then tries to complete.