Today’s goal is to put the new door and shell locks on Big Red. We had all the locks re-keyed. When we went to put them on we needed the special clips that hold the lock onto the door, however, cant seem to remember where we put those clips.

On any kind of project, organization is the key. This is especially on these long term projects, where it is weeks, months, or in this case, years, since the original parts have been removed. Here are some suggestions to help sort out the parts, and know where to find them.

Get a box of zip lock bags, a couple of Sharpie markers and a package of manila envelopes.

Before removing any part, take several pictures from different angles. This will help in the reassembly phase.

Then, as you remove parts, write what they are and put them in the zip lock bag.

Larger parts can have a tag, like a luggage tag attached to them.

Print the photos you take at the end of each day .If you print them, put the photos in the manila envelopes and organize them in your file cabinet. Another way is to save them to a folder on your computer and then Organize your files in a directory to have quick access to the component or system you are working on.

Reserve shelf space in your shop and label old parts, new parts, or component type.

Parts you want to save, but will not be used to complete your project, should be boxed up and put away.  This will keep your area free of clutter and help keep you organized.

Luckily, we found one clip in the glove box, and one on the magnetic tray tray we keep for odds and ends. If all goes well tonight Big red will be secured once more.